Sarah Frisk

TL;DR: Web Developer. Occasionally obsessive RPG gamer. Huge Star Wars Nerd.

Character Profile

Sarah Frisk

Basic Facts

Name: Sarah Frisk
Class: Cross Class Programmer/Comic Artist
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Female
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Currently Unknown


Colby College, Waterville, Maine
Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science and English
Graduated May 2010

Skills Ranks

  • Decipher Script
    • Ruby/Rails 5
    • Python 5
    • C/C++ 4
    • Java 7
    • HTML, HTML5 10
    • CSS, CSS3 10
    • Javascript, Jquery 10
    • Angular.js 8
    • PHP 7
    • SQL 7

Active Quests

Mission: Portland Webworks
Role: Software Developer
Duration: September 2012 - Present
Log: Fullstack developer utilizing php, java, and javascript framework technologies.

Mission: jQuery Foundation
Role: Project Lead for Chassis CSS Framework
Duration: November 2014 - Present
Log: Responsible for overseeing all aspects the jQuery Foundations Chassis CSS Framework and its team.

Mission: Tavern Wenches
Log: A webcomic about the lives of the NPC Tavern Wenches in a Fantasy Role Playing Game.

Mission: Monster Markup Manual
Log: A webcomic about learning web development with monsters.

Finished Quests

Mission: Local Thunder
Role: Developer/Programmer
Duration: February 2012 - September 2012
Front end and back end developer primary using a mix of html/css, javascript and php. Helped move the company's products (most notably, to a responsive design to deal with the growing need for mobile and tablet compatibility.

Mission: iBec Creative
Role: Web Developer
Duration: October 2010 - February 2012
Log: Part of a growing team of web and social media experts in the Portland, Maine area. Duties include marking up Photoshop designs and integrating code with CMS Made Simple that can include both responsive and mobile designs, enhancing user interaction with javascript (emphasis on jQuery), and Twitter and Facebook application integration with client's sites.

Side Quests

Below is a list of project I have done in my spare time outside of work, a mix of code samples as well as other projects that I have been passionate about.

Mission: HTML5 Tetris Clone
Log: A proof of concept of a basic Tetris game coded from scratch using javascript and HTML5's Canvas element. Source code can be found on Github.

Mission: Basic HTML5 RPG Animation Test
Log: A proof of concept of some walking animations mixed for an RPG-like clone for Canvas. Source code can be found on Github.

Mission: Deviant Art
Log: My collection of art that I've done over the past few years.

References are available upon request.